Atom47 rev4


Replacement PCB for the Vortex Core

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The Atom47 is a replacement PCB for the Vortex Core. Redesigned from scratch, this PCB makes your Vortex Core completely programmable using QMK Firmware.


  • QMK Firmware
  • 5 Underglow RGB leds
  • In-switch leds
  • Through-hole micro usb connector (less likely to break off!)
  • South facing leds
  • Easily reachable reset button under the spacebar
  • Caps lock LED


Installation requires soldering equipment.

  • Open up your Vortex Core by removing the five screws in the plate.
  • Desolder the original PCB using a desoldering pump or station.
  • Lube the stabilizer and switches if you want to.
  • Put the new PCB in and solder the switches.
  • Close the case back up.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee.

Supported layouts

Note: the 1.75/2u split space bar bottom row has been added in rev4.