nt-660 (B stock)


This PCB is the perfect fit for any Leopold FC660m! It has full QMK and VIA support.

This is B-stock. The smaller stabilizer holes were manufactured too small, so they have been drilled manually.

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The nt660 is the first one in the nt series. It’s a replacement PCB for the Leopold FC660m, with support for just the layouts it would support with the stock plate. The designs for the nt750 and nt9890 are done, and all of them will be on GitHub in the near future.

The picture says ‘mt-660’ but the PCB has later been renamed due to the fact that a mt980 already exists.


  • Uses QMK Firmware and VIA
  • Compatible with Leopold FC660m only
  • Fully compatible with the FC660m stock plate
  • Mini USB connector
  • ESD protection and fuse
  • No in-switch LEDs
  • ISP header

Supported layouts

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Weight 100 g