Wasdat controller


Replacement controller for the WASD V2 keyboard. Supports all models.

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Please do not order more than two controllers when choosing for the ‘Small padded envelope’ shipping method. If you choose this method, I take no responsibility if it doesn’t arrive.

The Wasdat is a drop-in replacement controller board designed for the WASD V2 full size and TKL keyboards. Installation is easy and requires no soldering at all; open the case using a pry tool, take out the old controller and put the new one in. It’s that easy! It comes pre-programmed with the default layout and VIA support, so you’re ready to go from the start.


  • Fully programmable with QMK Firmware and VIA
  • Pre-programmed with a default layout
  • Supports ANSI/ISO TKL and full size models
  • Indicator leds are completely working
  • First dip switch is a reset button
  • Easily accessible ISP header


  1. Make sure all DIP switches are in the ‘off’ position. (IMPORTANT!)
  2. Remove the single screw on the bottom behind the warranty void sticker.
  3. Open the case using a pry tool. There are four tabs on the bottom and top, two on each side.
  4. Take out the original controller.
  5. Insert the Wasdat, make sure to insert the pins correctly.
  6. Just to be sure, plug the usb cable in and see if it works.
  7. Close the case and put the screw back.

Many thanks to the people who have helped me debug and test boards, or even let me borrow theirs. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible.

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